sincerely, Me

Write and send a real letter to someone you ❤️

Just type your letter, specify addresses, and we’ll send it via USPS right away.




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What exactly will my letter look like?
Standard white envelope, double-sided pages, black & white printing. There are no extra marks except for a tiny barcode on the bottom of each page (for tracking).

How quickly will my letter be sent?
We’ll send it same-day via USPS First-Class Mail®. Delivery takes 3-7 days.

Can I send internationally (non-US)?
No. You can only send to and from US destinations (for now).

Who is physically stuffing and mailing my letter?
Your letter is printed, stuffed, and stamped automatically. We use an API to connect with certified mail processing facilities around the United States.

Is my letter private, safe, and secure?
Absolutely! We respect your privacy 100%. No one sees the contents of your letter before it’s opened by the recipient.

Who runs this tool?
This tool was built by Nick Freiling.

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